STREAMLINE has formulated the following objectives, means to achievement and measurable outcomes towards the goals of reducing complexity, enabling faster results, and supporting both "data at rest" and "data in motion"
in a single system in four innovative use cases of high business impact for STREAMLINE partners.

  • Objective I: To research, design, & develop a massively scalable, robust, and efficient processing platform for data at rest and data in motion in a single system.
  • Objective II: To develop a high accuracy, massively scalable data stream-oriented machine learning library based on new algorithms and approximate data structures.
  • Objective III: To provide a unified interactive programming environment that is user-friendly, i.e., easy to deploy in the cloud and validate its success as measured by well-defined KPIs.
  • Objective IV: To implement a real-time contextualization engine, enabling analytical and predictive models to take real world context into account.
  • Objective V: To improve industrial partner business performance by their introducing new services, improving performance, reducing costs, and growing their business, as measured by well-defined KPIs, in a refactorable fashion that is easily reusable by other companies and industry domains.